Funky Americana Rock

A native of South Carolina, Rene Russell has been dazzling audiences as a solo performer with her brand of percussive Americana/Rock for the past 30+ years from Nashville to San Diego, Atlanta to Austin, Texas.

Rene not only writes her own material, but performs it with the passion and precision only a dedicated artist is capable of. During her travels she has had the opportunity to share the stage with performers such as Indigo Girls, Tom Chapin, Jennifer Nettles Band, and Michelle Malone.

The power of her voice and her incredible presence in front of an audience could easily fit her onto any stage, and keep her level with any other artist.

In 2017 Rene stopped playing cover music and started focusing on her original songs. March, 2018, she teamed up with Chris Blackwell and Rob Nance to form her new band; Rene Russell & The Bottom End.  With the support of Artist Formula, and Symphonic Distribution, Rene will be playing all original shows.

The first single and video, "I Wonder, Do You?", was released on April 23, 2018, they will be releasing a new song in August and every other month after, as well as tour regionally, both solo and with the band, securing slots in key venues as well as fairs and festivals.