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Change your brain music

“It takes courage to make the choice to make the change to live your Truth!”
— Rene Russell

We are
Rene Russell
and the
bottom end


“Courage-Choice- Change-Truth-
Change Your Brain Music”

Based out of Charleston, SC, Rene Russell and the Bottom End is a percussive, Americana-Rock band formed in early 2018. Their new sound focuses on Rene’s unique 12-string guitar playing style and her original songs, which she calls “Change Your Brain Music”

Her songs speak of her life experience and learning to live your truth. As she says;   “It takes Courage to make the Choice to Change your life and Live your Truth!”  The band’s performances are passionate, upbeat and moving with a little humor mixed in. 

To date the band has released 4 singles with more on the way, they will be playing regionally, securing slots in key venues as well as fairs and festivals.  Available as Solo, Trio or 4 piece band.

 Vocals, 12-String Guitar / Rene Russell
Drums / Chris Blackwell
Percussion/ Kris Manning
5-String Bass / Rob Nance


Dockery’s Show - Daniel Island, SC - 7/26/19

Dockery’s Show - Daniel Island, SC - 7/26/19