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 I've been busy this summer recording my new album at ARP Studios here in Charleston.   Currently it has 13 songs on it. I am hoping to have it finished and ready for release by Christmas.
I'm in the design process right now for the album, tell me which of these 2 cover Options you prefer, A or B?

I have also started a Blog- talking about the songs on this album and giving you a peak at my thought process in writing these songs.
You can read it here or subscribe at
I post a new installment every Sunday.  
When the album is finished I will attach the song that each Blog is about  to that blog, so you can listen while reading about it.
I am very excited about this project and I'm looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

Please enjoy looking around the site, everything you need for booking is on the Press Kit Page.

 I have put up a Sneak Preview of the Title Cut from the new album below, hope you like it.

Option B

Thanks to Ann Pope Potter for the use of her beautiful painting!  It's called:     
  "The Four Rabbinim" 

 Click here to go to her site and see more of her artwork!

Thanks for voting!

Which cover do you like best?

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