"Freeverse" is about Change...
"It takes thoughtful intention to operate from you Heart.  It takes will power and focus to keep all the distractions of the world from pulling you back into the daily grind of acquiring stuff and status and position… I will say here again, that we created this world we are living in, all of us together created this vision of the world. 
So by the same token, we can also change our views and perceptions and create a better world!  We do that with the Power of Love."  Excerpt from Rene Russell Blog

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Rene Russell Inspires With “Freeverse”
Jim Dyer- Moultrie News  2/11/2015

  Songwriting is a tricky business- and nobody knows it better than Rene Russell. After performing in the Low-country for more than two decades, Russell released her third album, Freeverse on Jan. 1. The work marks a critical turning point in Russell’s career and it’s worth giving a listen to.
    Like so many songwriters, Rene’s career started out with the simple dream of playing music. A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Rene realized she wanted to perform during her time at Columbia College. To make that dream a reality, she found herself living in Nashville for a summer after school. “My roommate and I went to live with a friend. “We crashed at his place” Rene said. “Song- writing was his job, and he went to meetings everyday to try and make it work”.     READ MORE


The City of Isle of Palms is considering potential changes to the existing Noise Ordinance that would prohibit OUTDOOR AMPLIFIED MUSIC at Morgan Creek Grill which is located on property purchased by the City for the island citizen’s use and enjoyment and leased to Morgan Creek Grill since 2002.
We need your support to let the City Council know that you enjoy and support the live entertainment hosted at Morgan Creek Grill throughout the years.
Here is what you can say to keep music alive at “The Creek”~ Let the Isle of Palms City Council know:
~that our live music is good for the island and embraces the gathering of local residents and visitors providing a fun family atmosphere
~that Morgan Creek CAN have amplified music at reasonable levels and at reasonable times as to not disturb the surrounding neighborhood. 
~that the changes to the noise ordinance as proposed are unfair to Morgan Creek Grill singularly as a business on the island.

You can also go to Morgan Creek Grill and sign the petition there.
Thank you for your support!
Rene Russell
Music Manager at Morgan Creek Grill




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"The album opens with “Who We Really Are” – a driving, introspective song that establishes the narrative of the 13-song record. With lines like “Sometimes it’s hard to see who we really are inside when our hearts can go so cold; we hold our breath in the wake of our emptiness,” Russell poetically tackles questions that are central to the human experience." - Jim Dyer-Moultrie News


Global Coalition of Musicians for the Future


I am excited to announce that I have joined The Jellyfish Project (JFP): a non-profit organization that uses music and live performance to spread awareness of the environmental realities of our time and the solutions to overcome them. The JFP is a coalition of musicians for our environment and our future. We have come together to partner with some of the most prominent environmental organizations in North America to create a simple yet powerful platform for like-minded musicians and bands to engage in the environmental movement in an organized and impactful way. MORE


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