Rene Russell takes her musical ideas in directions that few performers have been able to in recent times. Armed with a 12-string Taylor guitar, an indomitable voice, this sophisticated siren can burn up a stage or a stereo with the best of seasoned veterans and well-known acts.   Dazzling audiences for the past 20 years from Nashville to San Diego, Atlanta to Austin, Texas, Rene Russell not only writes her own material, but performs it with the passion and precision only a dedicated solo artist is capable of.

Now residing  in Charleston, SC,  Rene has made her mark on the music industry, sharing the stage with performers such as the Indigo Girls, Tom Chapin, Jennifer Nettles(Sugarland), and Doug Jones(Cravin’ Melon).  The power of her voice and her incredible presence in front of an audience could easily fit her onto any stage, and keep her level with any other artist.  



Live at the Red Clay Theater- Eddiie Owen Presents

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"Rene Russell can handle almost any musical request. The singer/guitarist has nearly two decades worth of live performances under her belt, from Nashville, to Texas to Charleston. In recent years, she's won the adoration of local audiences with her technical proficiency on the 12-string, her versatility, and her warm singing style. She can make the transition from a U2 pop hit to an Eagles twanger to a Melissa Etheridge anthem with ease. " Ballard Lesseman, Charleston City Paper

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I Play a wide variety music including my Originals and Cover tunes by:
Fleetwood Mac, U2, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin,
James Taylor, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman and many more.

Prices are always negotiable, please contact me with your specific needs.


 Recording New Album- Look for  Release date in  Fall 2014!

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