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Bushido's Asian on Isle of Palms 1/28
Morgan Creek Wintertide show 1/30

  If you are interested in hosting a House concert go to the House Concert page for details.  This is a wonderful way to experience original music, and songwriting in a quiet, listening environment where the people are there to hear your music.



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Global Coalition of Musicians for the Future

I am  excited to announce that I have joined The Jellyfish Project (JFP): a non-profit organization that uses music and live performance to spread awareness of the environmental realities of our time and the solutions to overcome them. The JFP is a coalition of musicians for our environment and our future. We have come together to partner with some of the most prominent environmental organizations in North America to create a simple yet powerful platform for like-minded musicians and bands to engage in the environmental movement in an organized and impactful way.

Many of you are aware that our planet is currently in a crisis state; the global environment is tapped out and on the verge of collapse. Our oceans are heavily polluted and overfished, climate change is happening faster and more aggressively than most scientists anticipated, and we seem to be in the stranglehold of multi-national corporations and special interest groups, hell bent on maintaining the status quo. The problem is that the status quo is completely unsustainable. Our over-consuming, infinite growth-oriented society makes no sense on a planet with finite resources and will surely leave our generation and future generations with severe challenges. Food scarcity, water shortages and an increasingly hostile global climate system are an impending reality if we continue on our current path. The good news is that there are plausible solutions; we just need to assert the collective will to act right now.

 The universal language of music is something that reaches almost all people regardless of who they are, where they’re from, or how they live. Music has been, and will continue to be, the voice of generations, and it has the power to save lives and change the world. The inspirational power and influence that musicians have over their legions of loyal fans is unmatched in any other field of entertainment. We believe that mobilizing the music industry to promote environmental awareness and action could be the catalyst for the most essential revolution of our time - the transition to environmental sustainability.

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